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The entire production cycle takes place in our factory, where specialized personnel manage all the manufacturing processes.
The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the choice of the raw materials used and the checks carried out during each processing phase.


In the modeling department are born the new templates of insoles designed using our 3D and 2D CAD systems. In short times we can make samples, prototypes and serious tests for a daily evasion of about 350/400 pairs.

Cutting plant

Thanks to four machines with an oscillating blade cutting head, we realize the insoles with maximum precision

Strong skiving

A part of the fort is eliminated through this process to allow the subsequent application of the lamina.

Lamina application

Application of galvanized steel sheets to give more rigidity to the insoles.


Automated computerized machines allow the assembly of the forte to the insole


Phase that allows to give the correct coverage to the insole (from heel h.0 to heel h.1.20) thanks to the use of our. wide range molds.


Processing carried out using machines (milling machines) to finish and smooth the contours of the insole


Sanding of the insole